Currently the Borough is working on several projects. Some are just about ready for completion, others are just in the research process.

Borough Council is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life in
Hop Bottom.

Occasionaly, our State or Federal governments will mandate that we change the way things are done. Borough Council works diligently to keep up with the continually changing laws.
Borough Projects
The Martins Creek Stream Bank Protection project has been underway for several years. The goal of this project is to repair some of the damage that has happened to the banks on the Sothern end of the creek over the years. It was delayed due to flood of 2006. It is currently on hold pending permits from DEP.
The Borough Building is in desperate need of a handicaped accesible restroom. We currently have a request in for funding to complet this project.
The Martins Creek Sediment Basin Project has been underway since August of 2007. The goal of this project is to re-direct storm debris to a catch basin, located on the Webster property on the north end of town. This project was completed in September. A special thanks to the Webster family, for allowing the catch basin to be placed on their property. Aslo, special thanks go out to Bonnie Lippart, who was instrumental in getting this project going.
The Bourough Building's roof will need to be replaced soon. We have a grant for this and are waiting for the grant contract. Once this is recieved we will have the roof replaced.
In the near future the Federal Government will mandate that all communities have a public sewage system.

We are currently looking into options that may work for Hop Bottom.