Traditional Hand Tossed
Specialty Pizza's
White Pizza - with Ricotta Cheese-----------------------------9.25-------------11.25

Porky Pine - with hame, pineapple + brown sugar-------11.95------------14.95
B.B.Q. Chicken - chicken smothered in BBQ---------------11.95----------14.95
sauce baked on a bed of cheese
Steak - your choice of beef or chicken------------------------11.95-------------4.95
steak, grilled with green peppers and
onions topped with special cheeses

Broccoli Chicken Garlic - the name says it all-----------11.95-------------14.95

Bacon Chicken Ranch - the name says it all-------------11.95-------------14.95

Hot Wing - the "PNB Bank Ladies" special chunky----11.95-------------14.95
blue cheese, tender white chicken marinated in
our own wing sauce and a blend of cheeses

Supreme - peperoni, sausage, onions, green-------------13.50-------------15.95
peppers, hot peppers, sweet peppers
mushrooms and black olives

Meat Lovers - hame pepperoni, bacon and sausage---13.50--------------5.95
with our own dough
Large (16" / 8 slices) 10.25
Small (14" / 6 slice) 7.25
Slice 1.60

Half Sheet (12 slices) 10.00
Whole Sheet (24 slices) 20.00

Large/Half 1.95
Small 1.60
Slice .35

Pepperoni Sausage
Ham Hamburger
Green Pepper Meatball
Sweet Pepper Bacon
Hot Pepper Black Olives
Mushroom Chicken
Broccoli Onion
Tomato Garlic
1/2 Sheet